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La Freshco Menus offer traditional and classic cuisines with a twist of Fusion Menus the cuisine is always one of a kind, cooked to perfection and made with flare.

Indian Canapes

At La Freshco our culinary experts are at the forefront of the authentic dishes from various regions for your celebration.As leading Indian caterers in Southall, we can cook up rich traditional fare, complete with aromatic spices, served at the perfect temperature with delightful toppings and sides. At the same time, we have explored beyond the boundaries of typical Indian cooking to add a fusion-based twist to our menus.

Let's take the famous Indian canapes as a case in point. Crisp, spicy and loaded with vegetables - that's what it usually is. What if you want to add health consciousness to it, without losing out on taste? At La Freshco we will surprise you pleasantly with a taste that holds firmly to the exotic appeal of Indian cuisine, while creating a healthier version. Indian canapes by La Freshco could be filled with more vitamin rich vegetables, while using the health values of quintessentially Indian ingredients such as chilli (vitamin C provider), methi (good for the liver), mint (a natural coolant), and coriander (good for the kidneys). Apart from Indian canapés, we can cook any meal with ample traditional flavour and taste but not necessarily with all the calories.

La Freshco is not just Indian caterers in Southall, we are event caterers from London, and we deal with all types of cuisine, for every possible occasion. Great food needs a wonderful atmosphere. La Freshco offers a choice of venues from elaborate Asian wedding venues in London hotels to lavish but formal corporate affairs and garden parties in the countryside.

La Freshco has partnered with some of the biggest hotels of London, and have managed homely parties within moderate budgets with equal attention to detail and quality. As event caterers from London, we take care of every little detail, from decor to serving styles that turn an event into an experience.

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